Before beginning his solo performing career as a singer/songwriter armed with only an acoustic guitar and his original songs, Eric Meany spent the later portion of the 1990s as one of the busiest keyboard players in New York City's lower East side music scene. Itching to put his Hammond organ skills to good use, in 1994 he hooked up with singer/songwriter Mychael LaMorte to craft some exquisite pop-rock in the unfortunately short-lived quartet Love Song Fools. In 1996 he brought his keyboard stylings to the already established 60's era euro-pop of Primrose Hill. From that group Eric, along with Gary Thomas and Eric Silver, emerged in 1998 to establish the core of the Frank Heavens ensemble. Also in the mid-90's Eric began his association with singer/songwriter Jessica McLaren, playing piano for her throughout the remainder of the decade as well as co-producing and recording her album "Leaving The Island." Along the way, Eric occasionally found time to provide keyboard work for a variety of acts, including Mini-King, Kris Woolsey, The The Ho-Ho's, and Individual Fruit Pie. In October of 2000 Eric served as the musical director and keyboard player for the Roxxmore Productions presentation of "Fire And Ice: A Tribute To Pat Benatar". Throughout these years he filled his spare time blasting out cover tunes as vocalist/keyboardist/rhythm guitarist for the bar band Radio Piranha as well as (allegedly) writing and recording under an assumed name with the underground pop band Djibouti.

In 1999, Eric began performing as a solo act. With only his guitar and a microphone to hide behind, he sang his original songs to anyone who would listen (and many who wouldn't). Throughout the year 2000 he was hard at work recording these songs, and in January of 2001 his self produced acoustic CD "Everything I Said" was released. Eric was responsible for writing all of the songs as well as making all of the noises heard on the record, which included lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion. Featured were stripped down versions of songs he had previously performed with others; "That Look On Your Face" had been recorded by Primrose Hill, "Man Of Steel" was performed by that group and had been recorded by Jessica McLaren, and "If You Weren't Here" was originally featured on an early 90's Djibouti album. Though a great fan of folk music, Meany is a pop musician at heart and had never meant for "Everything I Said" to be a folk record. Owing to the acoustic instrumentation, storied lyrics, and the occasional country inflection in his voice, however, it would be hard to classify it as anything other than straight-up (though occasionally twisted) American folk-pop.

In mid-2001 Eric re-located to Washington, D.C. and decided to cut back on his outside keyboard work in order to concentrate on his own music full time. While continuing to perform as a solo acoustic act, over the course of the next few years a full blown multi-tracked extravaganza was being hatched in the studio. When it was finally released in 2004, Eric had given the nine tunes on "One More Song" the full band treatment and more. From the everyday heartbreak of "Life Goes On" ("...another day, another coronary...") to the particular disappointment felt by a performer on stage in "One More Song" who thought he had seen the girl of his dreams in the audience, Meany's perky arrangements faced some potentially depressing lyrical content with grace and charm. Not that everything he chose to sing about this time around was sad;. In "Choir Of Angels" he sings of a love that cannot be done justice by earthbound musicians, while "We're So Happy" thumbs it's nose at those who'd rather not have to witness the public displays of affection of the happiest couple in the world ("...and though our friends may dream of pelting us with bricks, I don't really care..."). "Man Of Steel" and "Sentimental Tune", both featured in stripped down form on "Everything I Said", were given new life with fuller arrangements, while the old Djibouti song "Slow Children At Play" was re-animated in multitude of different ways over the course of its four and a half minute playing time.

Today Eric continues to write, record, and perform while balancing those interests against the recently acquired obligations of fatherhood. Should all go according to plan, 2007 will see the completion of a new album of original material. His ultimate goal is world domination, but failing that he'll settle for a warm microphone and a friendly crowd.

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