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Friday, July 18, 2003

The new version of "Man Of Steel" I'd mentioned in the last two posts is, for all practical purposes, done. It is more than likely that I will re-do the vocals at some point, especially if I decide to include it on the new album (which is very probable at this point). Those wishing to hear a taste are more than welcome to download a partial MP3 clip here.

The new song mentioned a couple of posts back has been largely ignored since then, but in the meantime I have another new one nearly completed. The music is done, the verse and chorus bits are done, I just need lyrics for the bridge. Not to give too much away in case I scrap the lyrics and change the whole thing into yet another ode to the reckless biker lifestyle, but currently the song is about the weather. It is tentatively called "Rain", although that may change as it would probably remind people that there is a much better song with the same title covering roughly the same subject matter by the Beatles.

In matters completely unrelated to music, I will become a dad for the first time any day now. So don't be suprised if I'm a little bit distracted for a while.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2003

The July 4th holiday weekend disrupted the flow of the work I had mentioned in the previous entry, but only after computer failures had already done some serious damage.  Early last week I reached the point with "Man Of Steel" where I thought I was completely done with the instruments and ready to move on to the vocals. Without getting into too many technical details, the computer I use for recording in my studio decided it was sick of the song and began freezing up whenever I tried to do anything. Troubleshooting seemed to reveal that the computer itself was behaving OK, but that the file containing the "Man Of Steel" data had gone a bit woogy. Seeing as the computer in the studio is not the most swift or powerful in the universe, I thought it might help if I removed the hard drive and installed it into the household computer- a much newer and more capable machine. Before I could do that, however, the aforementioned "newer and more capable machine" got itself completely fouled up to the point where I couldn't even get it to boot up. Much more juggling of hard drives and restoring of system files and rescuing of old data files took place over the next couple of days until finally, just yesterday, everything was back to the way it had been. More or less. I did some vocal takes yesterday afternoon, but I've yet to decided if they are keepers. I even threw in some harmony ideas, but it remains to be seen if they will survive the mixdown stage. Stay tuned.

Made it down the street to the 9:30 club last night to see Fountains Of Wayne. Fantastic show. If you want to do yourself a favor, pick up their new album "Welcome Interstate Managers." And if you don't have it already, get "Utopia Parkway" as well. Really great stuff. For me, listening to their stuff is alternately inspirational (hearing great music makes me want to play great music) and intimidating (their songs are so much more clever than anything I write, why do I bother?). There aren't too many bands currently active that get me as jazzed as these guys do, I'm really glad they are around.

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