Eric Meany
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Great progress made this week on what will be the last track on the upcoming CD. The song is called "One More Song", appropriately enough, and is about 2/3  done being recorded. This is a major improvement over where it stood at this time last week, when I wasn't even done writing it. The days all sort of bleed into one, but I think I finishd the lyrics on Sunday.  I've been working on the recording ever since, and so far I'm pleased. It's not rocket science, just your basic two and a half minute three chord country-esque romp. But I like it.  This brings me to nine substantially completed recordings out of the ten songs I plan to have on the new album. "One More Song" was, as the title would suggest, the last song I began work on and will be track ten on the album. Despite that fact, it is nearing completion while one other song still awaits my attention. It's this 3/4 time slow depressing thing with no percussion that seems to drain the life right out of me every time I begin to work on it. Soon I will have no choice but to work on it or write something else. Well, I guess that is a choice. I will have no choice but to make a choice, I guess. Or something. Burma.
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