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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Mild progress to report on the new album: two songs are 100% done. Mixed and everything. "Life Goes On" and "Sentimental Tune" are now in their final form. Very exciting for me. Mild tweaking remains to be done on the mix for "The Wedding Song" and then it will be finished as well. Today I'm also hoping to finish editing  together a final lead vocal track for "We're So Happy." I'm through the 1st verse and chorus, with one verse and three chorus' (chori?) remaining. So I haven't been totally slacking. Just mostly. Oh, I almost forgot, the final version of  "Life Goes On"  is available as a free MP3 download at the Washington Post.

Next week it's off to sunny Florida to see the Yankees play the Phillies in the first spring training game of the year. This will be my son's first Phillies game and second Yankees game. We got him started early on the Yankees by taking him to Camden Yards when he was a little over two weeks old.  Never too soon to get them started on a good thing.

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Sunday, February 8, 2004

Had a great time last night taking part in J.P. McDermott's Buddy Holly tribute at the Half Moon BBQ in Silver Spring. This is the second time I've been lucky enough to play the annual show, and I've had a blast both times. This year I sang "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" backed by the wonderful Western Bop band. In spite of my worries in the hours leading up to the show, I ended up having no trouble remembering all of the words to the song. Mt two and a half minutes on stage were pure fun, tainted only slightly by the fact that I managed to knock myself in the face with my guitar whlie negotiating my way off of the crowded stage. The fun was well worth the physical injury. Many thanks to J.P., Western Bop, and the great crowd.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Happy day after Groundhog Day everybody. Life with a six month old child has led me to be a little bit disconnected from the outside world, so I have no idea if Phil saw his shadow or not. Or if he did, what that means. I can tell you that the weather outside is frightful at the moment, so I will sit inside patiently waiting for the cable guy (for the second day in a row - it's Comcast, what did I expect?)

On the music front, I can tell you that for the first time since I began work on my forthcoming album, I actually beat a self-imposed deadline. At the beginning of January I set the goal of having all instruments recorded by February 1, and all vocals and mixes done by March 1. Well, on the evening of January 30th I recorded some bass guitar on "Slow Children At Play" and officially closed the book on that stage of the recording process. With a day to spare! We'll see how February goes. Once I got the album lineup set in December work began on the packaging, so once the recording is done all that will remain is for the CD's to be manufactured and shoved into the jewel cases. If all goes well "One More Song" should be available for purchase at in mid-march, with other outlets to follow. The final line-up for the album:

1. Life Goes On

2. Sentimental Tune

3. Choir Of Angels

4. The Wedding Song

5. Slow Children At Play

6. We're So Happy

7. You'll Be Back

8. Man Of Steel

9. One More Song

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the 3/4 time song that I was complaining about in the last post, I abandoned it. No great loss.

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