Eric Meany
Thursday, November 4th 2004

I'm trying to salvage something from Tuesday, anything really. Turnout was really good, which I'm very happy about. Not as impressive as it could've been, but it was really good. The raw number of voters in the general election was the highest in US history, which is great. But as a percentage of the voting age population, we didn't break any records. The highest since 1968 is what I've heard, and while that's nice I'm still baffled by those who don't vote. There really should be a rule about not being alowed to complain about the government if you don't excersize your right to help select it. And to those of you out there who think you're getting out of jury duty by not registering to vote, they're going to get your info from the DMV anyway, Einstein.

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Wednesday, November 3rd 2004

Let's just say I've been happier. First the Yankees, now this. Damn.

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Tuesday, November 2nd 2004

It's election day here in the U.S., and everybody in my house is on pins and needles. Except for my son and the dog, who are both asleep. And my wife, who is at work. So I guess it's just me. But I am quite nervous. Here in D.C., where democrats outnumber republicans 9 to 1, there's no doubt at all about our 3 electoral votes. The rest of the country is a little more uncertain. So I'll wait and see, like everybody else. I'm not here to shove a political agenda in anybody's face, so I'll not even mention who I am hoping will win. I'll chime in soon as to my happy/sad status and you'll have to figure it out from there.

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